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About Us

Our whole philosophy is about bringing quality technical shoes to the customer at the best prices from around the world.

Retailing is changing for the sports industry and for retailers in Australia it's not good news and ultimately for the consumers as well. As the Royal enquiry into the scandal in the banking industry showed the authorities again are asleep at the wheel.

The government promotes competition in Australia policed by the ACCC (supposedly policed by the ACCC). Already in Australia unless you are a favoured retailer, one of the big boys (who don't make waves), you can't sell one of NIKE's better shoes, nothing over $170 retail, unless you are a "designated specialist".

And if you are a designated specialist then sure as hell you're not going to be too competitive, as that specialist tag will be taken away. Now that pressure on selling NIKE shoes at recommended retail price, (recommended by Nike), plays into the hands of NIKE's own company stores and full price retailers.


News out of the US is Nike are expanding it's e commerce sales through their own apps and company stores and cutting back on the number of retailers. That will and is happening in Australia and all brands will do it, ASICS , ADIDAS and others. In the US Foot Locker and Amazon are some favoured stores.

So consumers get used to it, the current ACCC rules will be ineffective and prices will certainly rise. So retailers start trying to find sources to parallel import, get in touch with us and we can pool some ideas with other retailers. Be pro active, no point crying after you lose your business.